Lib .Net - An open source library


Here you have a little extract of the powerful features of LastFmLib.Net:
  • The new web services 2.0 are fully implemented inside LastFmLib.Net
  • Supports web services 1.0 and 2.0
  • Scrobbling using Audioscrobbler 1.2.1
  • Get meta data(information) for artists, albums and tracks
  • Love and un-love tracks
  • Ban/un-ban tracks
  • Playlist manager
  • Tuning into stations
  • User/Group and many more charts
  • Get the playlist, including mp3 stream urls
  • Get meta data for the currently played track
  • Tag management(append/set a tag) for artists, albums and tracks

What about the rest? Just try it out!

As you can see, with LastFmLib.Net it's also possible to scrobble tracks, both user(L) and client(P) as listening source, to's Audioscrobbler. Therefore it fully implements the Audioscrobbler 1.2.1 protocol, including a class for caching the tracks to scrobble, which will prevent the loss of scrobbles if the submission system is not available.